vendredi 6 janvier 2023

My elderly roomate

 The real estate prices being extremely high in the city where I work, I decided to participate in a program launched by the town of "intergenerational collocation". Basically, young people under 30 years old, share a flat with people over 65 years old.

Since then, I have been sharing a flat with Hilda, a 72 year old widow. At the beginning, I thought it would be complicated: Hilda is an old woman who is very religious and rather rigid. But through discussion, we not only managed to find common ground, but also to get along well.

On the other hand, my relationship with Laurène was starting to deteriorate. She was becoming more and more jealous and possessive. One night when she came to Hilda's and my apartment, she made a scene before leaving.

I was surprised to find Laurene cooking breakfast for me the next morning, wanting to "apologize for her behavior"... so much so that she reached under the table to give me a treat. It was only a few minutes later that I realized that Hilda wasn't there and that... the pancakes prepared by Laurène -who never was a great cook- had the same flavors as those prepared by my old roommate!

jeudi 15 décembre 2022

Failed Youth Days

 Youth Day usually only rejuvenates the body. However, for some people, it can also rejuvenate the mind.
The person is not only physically young, but also thinks he or she is 20 years old, with no memory of his or her life past that point. This can lead to funny situations, like here with Tom (45) and his mother-in-law, Sylvie (70).
Tom was at Sylvie's house repainting her window shutters when Youth Day occurred and had the above-mentioned side effect for both of them.
As a result, they both saw each other as potential lovers to screw. Thus, within minutes of Youth Day, Tom unknowingly fucked his mother-in-law.
And the worst part is that in 24 hours, when they get back to normal, they will both remember EVERYTHING.

mardi 13 décembre 2022

A cute little couple

 My grandfather, 75 years old, was in a romantic relationship with our neighbor, Mrs. Elbert, 77 years old. I thought it was pretty cute to see this old couple together... until I came across this message in my grandfather's cell phone.

This day, he had to leave for an emergency - an old friend was at death's door in the hospital - and in the rush, my grandad forgot his cell phone.

The message was from Mrs. Elbert's cell phone. "Come and join me, tiger" and on it was attached a photo of Mrs. Elbert's granddaughter Lucie. 

I didn't understand what such a young girl could want with my grandfather, then I discovered above the photo of my grandbrother, naked, that my grandfather sent from his cell phone with the same kind of invitations for Ms Helbert. I went back to the thread of the conversation where frequently, I saw other pictures of naked boys and girls from the neighborhood that my grandfather and Mrs. Elbert sent to each other. Then I finally come across my own picture. I looked at the date: it was two weeks ago. I remembered that I woke up that day feeling strangely tired.

Eventually I found the explanation through the messages: my grandfather and his neighbor get their hands on a possession spell that allowed them to temporarly steal younger bodies to fuck.

I was furious at being used like that... ... ... then I started to think about this... "opportunity".
At that moment, Mrs. Elbert was waiting for me in Lucie's sexy body, horny as hell.

Before I put an end to this, maybe I could enjoy it a little...

Made for each other

"Here we go !"
Kathy (56) took a deep breath and walked over to her date, her daughter's best friend, Glenn. 
The two knew each other since elementary school and remained friends ever since.They got along wonderfully well, though both of them never dared to go beyond the friendship stage. But Kathy was sure: Glenn was the perfect guy for her daughter, Olivia. Tonight, thanks to this possession spell, she was determined to give a boost to their relationship.
 For Glenn, it was a simple movie outing with friends. But Kathy dressed Olivia like she was going out on a date. Glenn pretended it was nothing, but Kathy knew he liked to see Olivia dressed like that.
Throughout the evening, Kathy made Olivia tell him that "she thought a lot about their relationship," that "her mother once advised her to marry her best friend...
Kathy feared she would scare Glenn, but the exact opposite happened. The young man revealed that he, too, had been thinking a lot about his relationship with Olivia, which was much better than any other girl he'd ever dated.
Easier and faster than expected, Kathy/Olivia ended up at Glenn's house. In her original plan, Kathy planned to release her daughter's body at this time. Thanks to the spell, Olivia would have been unaware of the possession and would have believed that she made by herself every decision that her mother actually made.
However, Kathy, a single mother since more than 10 years, finding herself in the body of a young girl, decided she deserved to enjoy the full fruition of her plan, offering Glenn all her experience for one memorable night.

lundi 30 mai 2022


My name is Rosa, 55 YO. And I'm a hooker.

I thought I would never be able to afford a bodysuit. But one day, just before taking my job, my boss called me and 2 other girls, saying :

"You're clearly the best, but unfortunatelty, you grow old. Don't worry, I'm not firing you. Instead, we can say I'm giving you a raise !"

He showed us 3 bodysuits. He certainly paid a lot for them but he told us it was an investment.

After the transfer into the body he choosed for me, I opened my eyes to discover, instead of my sagging breasts, a magnificent firm chest. 

No doubt that with a body like that, The investment will quickly pay off!

mercredi 25 mai 2022

The perfect boyfriend

 "You really are the perfect boyfriend, Dorian! Not only are you keeping my vow of chastity until marriage, but your cookies are delicious!"

"That... that's nothing!" I say, smiling at my beautiful girlfriend, Denise, as she unsuspectingly eats another bite of that magical cake I made for her.

A few minutes later, when I come back into the kitchen, I immediately see that I'm not really with Denise anymore.

"M... Mrs. Denber?"

"Hi Dorian!" she replies, looking directly at my crotch with appetite.

Madame Denber, or Marthe, is Denise's great grandmother. She is 92 years old and spends her days in a wheelchair watching TV. A bit of a witch, she has made a recipe for cookies that allows her to take over the body of someone who eats them for 6 hours. I am regularly her accomplice to help her take over Denise.

Sometimes I feel remorseful ... but Martha in Denise's body is so good in bed!!!

"Denise really told the truth : your cookies are really good now !"
"Haaa ! Being into a 20Yo healthy body feels so gooood !"

"But less talk... it's time to give each of us what we were looking for !"

"My naive great granddaughter does not suspect anything... she still thinks she's a virgin when you've already taken me through every hole!"

Sex Education

 At 22, I never had sex with girls before. Not that I'm ugly, on the contrary I'm pretty cute as a guy, but the subject of sex always made me uncomfortable. It must be thanks to my family, very catholic, where the subject was taboo.

The only exception was my great-aunt Anna, 68 years old. She was a renowned sexologist with very free morals. I might as well say that she was not appreciated by the rest of my family. Nevertheless, I decided to go and see her and she welcomed me with open arms for precious advice.

After several weeks, I was more comfortable talking about sex. But I was still afraid to take the plunge.

To help me take the plunge, my great-aunt Anna had this idea... to offer me a practical class by being my first time. Of course, when she told me this, I freaked out. But she suggested to use a bodysuit. She even asked me to choose the one I would like! 

It was downright awkward at first, but my great aunt also added role-playing to the story, even creating a Tinder account for herself in the name of "Maya", a young history student. After a very fun date, I completely forgot that I was facing my 68 year old aunt, and she gave me a great fuck! 

At the end, she congratulated me for passing the exam successfully!