samedi 15 juillet 2017

The secret behind Brigitte Macron

As a French AR fan, you can easily guess that our presidential couple, a 39-year-old man with a 64-year-old woman, would inspire me!


In a privatized hotel, Emmanuel Macron is visited by his 32-year-old daughter-in-law, Tiphaine, born from his wife's first marriage. As soon as the door was closed, and after making sure that no one had seen them, the two kisses each other.

"Damn ! I waited this during all the day ! It's been so long!" sighs the French president.
"It's the price to pay when we are president. It's more difficult to have a secret life"

As Emmanuel passes his hand under the woman's shirt, the door suddenly opens. Brigitte Macron just emerged in her husband's room. She seems pissed.

"Hey ! You started without me ?!"

And the sexagenarian joined them, embracing her legitimate husband. Then she takes her daughter's hand and they both move away. Emmanuel Macron sits down in his chair to be in the front row. The mother and her daughter take from their pocket a piece of paper with a formula they recite.

The next moment, their two bodies mix.

The pile of flesh moves, is modeled like a statuette.

When the metamorphosis stabilizes finally appears a hot young woman, fusion of the two beauties.

"Let's go, Mr. President, you are all ours for the night"

And Emmanuel Macron welcomed with pleasure this new young woman, fruit of her two "wife"'s union. Brigitte was the first "official" lady but Tiphaine was the secret, the forbidden one.
A relationship that lasts since more than ten years and which they had succeeded keeping it out from public's eyes.

vendredi 14 juillet 2017

Cheating herself

As she just died, at the age of 80, Colette was offered a last wish. And she knew immediately what she wanted.

In a instant, she found herself in 1978, in her housekeeper from back then's hot body.

"Here I am ! In this slut's body"

For years, Colette was almost sure that her husband deceived her with the young Samantha. He had always denied, but she never believed him. Doubt had reduced their marriage to nothingness. 

But now she would know!

"I can't deny that this girl is (or was) really gorgeous, I can understand why this bastard I used to call my husband was so horny at her sight"

She heard her ex-hubsard return.

"Finally ! Time to know !"

Colette started a sexy show with her new body. It was quickly effective, as it took him only five minutes for Robert to drop his pants in front of her.

"I knew it !" She thought, satisfied to had been right all those years.

Colette celebrated her victory by letting Robert fuck her wildly in their arm-chair. After all, it was pleasant to see the man she loved at a time when he was still handsome.

Yet what Colette did not know was that she was largely responsible for her husband's infidelity.

Robert, if he could not deny a physical attraction for Samantha, loved his wife. But when she felt jealous about their housekeepr, she also became unbearable, vulgar, and sometimes even violent.

So, when Colette offered him Samantha's body on a tray, he eventually yielded to temptation, not being able to support his wife anymore.

jeudi 13 juillet 2017

The New Body - Murielle the housewife

"This one looks good ?"
"Uh ... no, you close your eyes, and... why do you pull your tongue like that?"
"What ? Isn't it sexy?"
"Not really..."

Murielle, 52, participated in a new reality show using bodysuits : The New Body. The program offered to the participants a body chosen by the production. Under these new appearances, they had to carry out a succession of challenges to obtain a large sum of money.

The mother landed in a 22-year-old lingerie model's body. Her daily challenge : Murielle's husband had to photograph his wife to realize a sexy calendar. The task proved more difficult than expected: despite her gorgeous physique, the fifty-year-old didn't know how to pose.

mercredi 12 juillet 2017

The Ambad'ja's secret ceremony

Danielle Sudar, 68, was a world-renowned anthropologist. Her  biggest achievement, however, is that she created very strong friendship with the Ambadja tribe. A people recognized as very secret about its traditions.
It was thus that Danielle and her young assistant, Ethan, had the immense honor of being the first foreigners to not only attended but also participated in their most secret ceremony.

It's late at night.

Ethan watches his mentor, sitting next to an old woman from the tribe. Both are only wearing a black coat.

The old woman is invited to stand up and join a shaman. After a ritual, he offers her to drink the contents of a cup. The next moment, a strange metamorphosis occurs: the woman rejuvenates by sight. She reappears, incredibly gorgeous. She then approaches the tribe men. Offers one of them his black coart. He follows her into a cabin out of sight.

"It's a fertility ceremony," says Pilba, an Ambadja, to Ethan. "Timba is a good and very smart woman, and it's a good thing for the tribe that her genes prospers. Timba will keep this form until she gave birth to their child "
"It's ... incredible," Ethan exclaims.

Danielle gets up in her turn, called by the shaman.

"And ... Mrs. Sudar is going to live the same thing ?!"
"Yes, it is a gift we give to the world. It is a pity that during her breeding period this exceptional woman didn't give birth "
"Did she ... she knows all that ?"
"Of course !"

The old anthropologist thus performs the same ceremony as Timba. For the same result. Ethan is amazed by her mentor's transformation into a hot young woman.

"Wait ! I've seen a picture of Madame Sudar during her youth, she ... she wasn't that beautiful !" Ethan whispers to Pilba.
"The fertility ceremony makes the flower more attractive to bees" Pilba laughs.

Without he heard her, Danielle comes in front of Ethan. She watches him from above. The young man is hypnotized by her mentor. She finally takes off her black coat that she casts casually on his head.

When he takes it off, the young woman is already on her way to a free hut...

mardi 11 juillet 2017


A few days earlier, Lisa, a 25-year-old woman, crossed an old lady in the street who suddenly caught her arm. In an instant, Lisa grew old and saw the other woman looking younger and younger. After the age swap, the unknown elderly fled at full speed, leaving poor Lisa with her 72 years appearance.

Luckily, Lisa managed to convince her boyfriend, Carl, police officer, about her true identity. The man had started looking for the mysterious old woman. 2 days later, his detective skills allowed him to find her name, Angela LABINSKI, and her address.

Carl knocked at her door and found the now young woman, obviously leaving her shower. Carl forced the entrance and, with a gun in his hand, threatened her.

"I know who you are! I don't know how you stole my girlfriend's youth but give it back to her !!!"

Angela pretended to obey but kept her cool. She sat quietly on her chair and began to take off her bathrobe, revealing her naked body.

"What ... what are you doing ?!" Carl shrugged, unable to remove his eyes from her magnificent curves.
"If you leave me alone, I am yours for the whole night ... I'll obey all your desires, all your fantasies ... "
"That ... That's not what I asked you!"
"Come on ! I remember Lisa. I'm not bragging if I say I'm 100 times more beautiful than she was. So, ask yourself the right questions: would I have another chance with such a hot babe ? And... are you sure your girlfriend is the woman of your life? "

Carl kept a short silence. Then, Angela knew that his hesitation was eloquent enough.

lundi 10 juillet 2017

The Elderly Club - Ordinary/Youth Days

On ordinary days, if you go to the Elderly Club, you will meet old people playing belote, tarot, bingo or scrabble.

During Youth Days however, their activities are... "slightly" different ...

dimanche 9 juillet 2017

Simple pleasures

"No worries, granny, I'll be more than happy to rejuvenate you"
"Thank you my boy, if you knew how much an old lady like me want to find back her 20 years, even if it's only for 6 hours"
"I don't want to be indiscreet but... how do you expect to enjoy it?"
"Oh, you know, simple pleasures: walking, running, enjoying the sun on my skin ..."

You can guess Allan had an unpleasant surprise when, two hours later, he found his grandmother on his sofa being fucked wildly by Rémi, Allan's bully since childhood.