mercredi 12 avril 2017

Roommate's new girlfriend

When Charlotte returned from vacation and discovered her roommate, Emilie in lingerie with another girl, she began to yell.

"What the hell, Charlotte?" The lesbian astonished, astonished at her friend's reaction, "It's not the first time I've brought a girlfriend home.
"What are YOU doing here?"

Understanding that her roommate was addressing her new conquest, Emilie asked:

"You know each other ?!
- Well...
- It is my mother ! Charlotte let go.
- What? It's not possible ! Yolande, you must have ... 25 years old. 30 great max! ... Unless...
- It's an age-shifter!"

Yolande smiled, embarrassed, and gave a sad smile to her daughter's roommate.

mardi 11 avril 2017

Apple pie

After greeting the family and expressing his condolences, Matt passed one last time in front of Lucinda's grave, his neighbor next door. The old woman was adorable. She made a point of welcoming each newcomer with a delicious pie. She had unfortunately died a few days earlier of a heart attack on the threshold of their building. Matt had tried to revive her. In vain.

An hour later the funeral, Matt looked sadly at the door of Lucinda's former apartment before opening his own. As soon as he entered, he felt a delicious smell of apple floating in the air. The same as that of Lucinda. He then heard some noise from the kitchen. Matt slowly approached and discovered inside a pleasant appearance: a woman in lingerie was busy preparing an apple pie.

After a natural reaction of panic, the young woman managed to calm Matt and make her accept her identity: Lucinda, and the miracle she had lived. By dying, a light had granted her a return to Earth for a day, in the form she wished. She had opted for her maiden body.

"So what do you think?
"W ... What ?!" said Matt, stunned both by the situation and the new look of his old neighbor.

Lucinda laughed.

"Like what, I did not lie to you.
- What do you mean ?"

The young woman got up from the sofa and gently approached the blushing boy.

"I told you one day that in my youth I would have had no trouble seducing you."

samedi 1 avril 2017

Generational Gap

When 57-year-old Isabelle discovered herself as age-shifter, she saw an excellent opportunity to bring young and vigorous men back to her bed easily. With her 25-year-old physique and her experience of men, she soon brought home a magnificent specimen of handsome young man.
The night, however, fell short of herhopes. Alexander was awkward and, although enduring, lacked attention for her.
But the worst was the next morning when the boy refused to leave and talked to herabout subjects all more frivolous than the others.

Isabelle clearly felt the generational gap.

vendredi 31 mars 2017

Forbidden fruit under my roof

Maxime lived with Irene for some years. She was a nice girl, but she was not quite to the liking of the young man. They were not friends either. At most they had a cordial understanding.

Until the day when, returning from holidays with his parents, the student fell face to face in his kitchen with a gorgeous unknown. At first surprised (and excited), she explained that she was Irene. During the holidays, she had slept with a man who had infected her with the beauty virus.

Maxime assured him that his illness did not call the collocation into question. It was difficult, however, for the young man to live with a forbidden fruit so appetizing under the same roof.

jeudi 30 mars 2017

Perfect for me

Aurore and Julien knew each other since elementary school and had since built a deep and solid complicity. So muchthat everyone could said they were perfect for each other. Only, there was a problem: Julien had no physical attraction for Aurore.
When he told her he was afraid of hurting her. Yet she smiled.

"I knew you would tell me that, but I have the solution"

Astonished, Julien listened while Aurore grabbed a medallion in his pocket and handed it to her.

"Do not laugh at Julien," she said, "and I'm very serious about it: the medallion in your hand is magic, it turns whatever you want into your fantasy, the only thing is that you can not use it for yourself.
- Huh ?!
- Remember my ex, Eddy? If we stayed so long together, it's that the nights at home, I transformed it into a look-alike Christian Grey. Dude, I've been sleeping with Christian GRAY's look-alike !!! "

Julien would have liked to believe that she was crazy but he knew her friend enough to know that she was lucid and did not lie.

"All you have to do, Julien, is to imagine a hot girl as you're holding this medallion. Then I put it on and ... you will not believe your eyes, trust me!"

Julien decided to try. He had nothing to lose afterwards.

"Just ... avoid the bimbo cliché with oversized tits!
"I'm sure I will not think of it now, as you tell me," Julien said ironically. Let me concentrate! "

The young man concentrated on the image he could have of a pretty girl: hair, face, body ... Then he handed the medallion to Aurore.

"OK, let's see what your fantasies look like!"

As soon as Aurore had donned the medallion, the object began to shine and this gleam quickly encompassed the body of its wearer. When she disappeared, Julien gasped. In front of him was the daughter of her dreams: physically to her liking to be her lover and with the personality of her best friend.

"I bet you're pleased. Trust me, I like your taste !"

samedi 11 février 2017

Like the first time we met

Richard, 45, was about to join the conjugal bed when he discovered in it a 17-year-old girl wearing only his shirt.

"A ... Agathe ?!"

He immediately recognized his wife. Since she discovered she was age-shifter, her sexual appetite had multiplied tenfold as never before. And she competed every night with ingenuity so that Richard would fuck her savagely. Her strategy today?

"You remember I was that age when we met for the first time, it took you four more years to get to bed with me, so you never saw me naked at that age"

Richard found his wife seductive in this form. But...

"A ... a teenager. Agathe, our daughter is the same age!
- I understand that the adult is embarrassed but ... let the teen talk "

Agathe rejuvenates her husband so that he rejoins her as a teenager. His hormones in turmoil, Richard had great difficulty resisting her wife's charms.

vendredi 10 février 2017


If Mathilde didn't succeed in seducing Alex, his co-worker, it was just because her ungrateful physique. She was convinced of it. She then concocted a plan to change things. It consisted of trapping her neighbor, the beautiful but naïve Anaïs to lend her magnificent body to herfor a few days.

Everything seemed to work perfectly!

Convincing Anaïs was easy for Mathilde, an excellent manipulator. Then, Mathilde seduced Alex and managed to date him. Yet, only a week after the beginning of their relationship, he decided to tackle her, tired of her bitchiness towards everyone. And to show her beautiful naked body did not change anything.

Mathilde then realized that the problem came not only from her physique but also from her attitude.