vendredi 23 juin 2017


"Hello, BodyChange service, Maryline here, tell me the reason you called.
- Hello, m... my name is Christiane. I recently ordered a bodysuit on your website and ... there is ... a...a little pro-problem.
- The bodysuit's appearance is not conform as what you wanted ?
- No, the appearance is very good, that's in fact exactly what I wanted.
- So what is it?
- It's ... my new vagina.
- Yes ?
- He ... uh ... is it normal if I ... I'm ...
- Madame, I can't hear you clearly
- Is it normal if I'm perpetually sexually aroused ?
- What do you mean ?!
- I can't control myself anymore. I almost tackled my neighbour just five minues ago. And even now, as I'm talking to you, I have a vibrator in my pussy. This is the only way for me to keep my mind clear a minimum.
- Oh ! I understand. The sensitivity must have been setted too high. I'm sending you a technician right now.
- Uh ... Could you send me a woman ? A not so pretty one if you can... "

jeudi 22 juin 2017

I know those breasts

Catherine, 53, refused to grow old. She spent almost all her money on cosmetics with relative efficiency.

Thus, when she released a genie from an old lamp and he gave her a wish, she hastened to formulate it:

"I want to be young and beautiful!"

The Genie slammed his fingers and disappeared into a smoke screen. As for Catherine, she found herself by magic in the middle of the street. She lowered her eyes to see thin, soft legs and a firm, bounced chest.

At first ecstatic, she felt a strange sensation watching her new breasts.

"I know thoses breasts ... and I know that voice !!!"

Catherine freaked out and began to search for her reflection, which she eventually found in a shop window.

"Oh my God !" She yelled as she discovered her new appearance. "Lola ... I'm in the body of my little Lola"

Catherine had always wished to regain her youth. She had wished it so much that she hadn't thought for a second. The Genie had fulfilled his wish, but in his own twisted way, granting her her own daughter's beauty and youth.
Never trust a Genie.

mercredi 21 juin 2017

Couldn't be more wrong

(Oh my ... And I thought that my beautiful Ginny was too hung-up 'cause she never brings back men ... I couldn't be more wrong!), Anabelle, 74, admitted,  as she just possessed temporarly her grand daughter's body thanks to a spell.

mardi 20 juin 2017


Beatrice, 53, teached History in a small provincial high school. Passionate since always by her matter, she managed to transmit her love to most of its pupils.

So one day one of them said to her.

"You should become Youtuber and make videos!"

What was just a joke made her think a lot. With her husband, she began to write videos while studying other Youtubers. His son warned her that seeing a "teacher" on Youtube would probably not be very appealing for youngsters.
But it wasn't a problem as Béatrice decided to prepare her shows and to turn them only during the Youth Days.

Under her younger appearance and with her immense knowledge and skills provided by experience, she captivated attentions.

lundi 19 juin 2017

Wrong number

Monica :
  • "I'm waiting for you, tiger. The usual place <3 <3"
  • "Hurry ! I'm so horny right now !"
Me :
  • "Erm... Wrong number Monica. I think you wanted to send this to dad."
Monica :
Sean smiled at his new mother-in-law's clumsiness. But while he was about to erase this picture of her, nude during a Youth Day, he finally decided to save the photo in a hidden folder on his phone... for further research.

dimanche 18 juin 2017

Failed attempt

Lara walked quietly in the hotel corridors when, suddenly, she was shoved by a fat woman. Her head began to spin and she became dizzy. When she regained her balance, she saw herself in front of her. Worse, his old body was running all by itself towards the elevator. Between Lara's fat hands, a strange artefact.

Although she did not understand exactly what happened to her, the young woman went after her old body. The latter had taken refuge in the elevator and pushed the buttons at full speed, hoping that the door closes quickly. In vain and Lara caught up with her.

"I guess it was thanks to this artefact that you swapped our bodies!"
"Shit, I never thought I could run so fast!"

samedi 17 juin 2017

A remedy for morbid obesity

"Oh my god ! My stomach ! It's so flat, so firm!"

Aminata cried, too moved by the result of her transformation. Very quickly in her youth, she had experienced overweight problems, until eventually reaching the morbid obesity stage. Her health in danger, she resigned herself to use a last remedy. She paid a man infected with the beauty virus to fuck her.

The next day she was seized with terrible hot flashes. Aminata felt burned from within. But in reality, it was all his fat that melted like snow under the sun. At the end of her transformation, she was thinner and more beautiful than ever.

She had only five years to live, but she certainly would not have stayed much longer if she did nothing.

And, top on the cake, Aminata could now eat what she wanted without taking a gram.