vendredi 19 janvier 2018

Your father ?

"Yes, don't worry, I arrived safely in Guadeloupe ... Yes, everything is going well ... Yes ... Yes ... Oh, listen, I'm a big girl you know ?... Come on ... Kiss ... Yes, I'll call you tomorrow! "
"It was your father?" asked the half-naked man who kust joined me.
"Or ... yes, he's kind of worried, I have to call him every day since I started this world tour!"
"I hope you did not tell him that you just fuck a guy just met in bar," the man joked. "He would go crazy"

Indeed ... like you if I told you that in reality, it was not my father that I had on the phone but my 47 year old son. And yes, handsome, you don't know it but you slept with an age-shifter who could be your grandmother.

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jeudi 18 janvier 2018

Rebel look

When I showed my friends the new body I got for 5 years thanks to the "Bodyswap Prison" program, I heard a lot of negative remarks.

"You are beautiful but ... this body is so vulgar", "All these tattoos are ugly!", "Would not you like to do something for those pink hair ?!"

But I don't care what they thinks !

Because thanks to this body, I can once again go hiking or swimming on the beach. Activities that my old body didn't allow me to do for nearly 10 years.

And if my old friends of the third age do not appreciate my new "rebel" look, I could see, in all the glances that charming young men launched at me, that it didn't displease the young generation.

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mercredi 17 janvier 2018


On the day of her retirement, Edna, a 70-year-old university professor, decided to take action. Thanks to this fusion spell, she planned to steal the youth of one of her students, Mathilda, 22, to regain her past beauty.

Edna went to the university library where the fat ugly student worked school. The teacher invited her to join her in her former office, on the pretext of entrusting her "best student" with some valuable books.

Mathilda, delighted to perfect her knowledge, followed her without question.

But as soon as the two women were alone, Edna proclaimed aloud the fusion spell formula. In an instant, the bodies of the ex-teacher and his former student collided. Then it was their spirit's turn.

Edna was about to "crush" Mathilda's mind but the young nerd showed a powerful will that surprised the old woman.

"Imp... impossible !!!" screamed Edna's mind before disappearing.

The next moment, Mathilda regained consciousness, reassured to have won this battle. Then she discovered the spoils of her victory. Her body metamorphosed into that of a very beautiful and sexy young woman.

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mardi 2 janvier 2018

Expensive panties

- And now, will you finally explain to me why did you spend such a sum for a panties ?! Jeanne, 72, shouted.

Her best friend, Mathilde, had always been frivolous. But this time, Jeanne wondered if she had not lost her mind by buying 1,000€ a panties already worn by a lingerie model.

- Calm down, Mathilde, I'll show you. Just leave me five minutes!

5 minutes later, Mathilde returns, wearing only her jewels (including a curious medallion) and ... the famous panties. This time, Jeanne was certain: Mathilde had gone mad.

- B... but...  get dressed! Oh god Mathilde you're ridiculous in this outfit !
- Not for so long !

Before she understands anything, Jeanne saw Mathilde's body beginning a metamorphose. In an instant, she changed her old and ugly form to wear the one of a very beautiful young woman to whom the panties were going to delight. This time it was Jeanne who thought she had gone mad.

- Oh my ! Wh ... What  happened?!
- Calm down, Jeanne, reassured the now young woman. It's thanks to this medallion! It can transform you into the last person who wore a garment. 1 000 € is expensive for a panties but for a body like that, I find it rather cheap!

Mathilde felt delighted by her new appearance and Jeanne was watching her, enviously.

- Don't worry ! I also have a gift for you

Mathilde went to search in a box to find another panties she glady offered to her best friend.

- Tadaaaa!
- Is it ... is it really... ?
- Yes ! With this medaillon, it will be a new body for you too. After all, I need my best friend to party tonight!

mardi 5 décembre 2017


Samantha GRAVES, 49, was a successful writer. But when she presented her last book to her editor, Mr LOGELY, the latter criticized him for relying on a current vision of youth. To arrange this, he invited her to go Saturday night at the Joker, a nightclub.
Samantha accepted but, arrived on the spot ...

(Damn, what am I doing here? I'm too old to go out in such a box!)

As she was about to leave, a young man, an employee of the Joker, called to him.

- Madam GRAVES?
- Yes ?
- Mr LOGELY informed us about your visit. Please follow me!

He then took her to a quieter VIP room where there was a gathering of elderly people. Then everyone was given a strange drink that Samantha drank with some apprehension.

A few hours later, Samantha woke up at home, in her bed. At her side, a young man, exhausted by all the sex they had last night. Samantha smiled and stood up. On the way, she crossed the mirror in her room and watched with pleasure the reflection. Thanks to the drink from the VIP area of ​​the Joker, she rejuvenated. No, better than that ! The youth essence turned her into a real young woman from today !

After grabbing her notepad, Samantha sat down in the living room chair where she wrote down all her new ideas, made more up-to-date thanks to the miraculous Joker potion.

My wife's colleague

- Hold on ! Explain me again why your colleague and you have still exchanged your bodies?

Marine sighed.

- I already explained it to you the last time! My colleague loves his tattoos. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some of our clients for whom she loses all credibility. On the contrary, we noticed that they had more confidence in an older woman... without tattoo or piercing.
- These guys are stupid! Just tell them to go fuck themselves !
- Hard to say when they are the company's biggest contracts. We don't have the choice to put all the odds on our side.
- And you couldn't defend the company by yourself ?
- Sandra is younger but I must admit she has a much better knowledge of the files and she is a better speaker than me.
- ... OK. And how long will it last?
- The time she comes back from her business trip ... the next monday.
- OK...

Clark watched his wife's new body with care, her eyes resting regularly on her beautiful chest.

- A week ... in this body ... You think it would bother your colleague if ...
- Would you like other men to fuck your wife's body right now? asked Marine, having understood what was going to propose her husband.
- ... No.
- So I will also follow what Sandra and I both agreed: we respect each others bodies.

Clark sighed but made himself a reason.

lundi 4 décembre 2017

Angrier than horny

- I ... I'll kill you!
- What? What did you say ?!
- I said: I WILL KILL YOU !!!
- It's... it's impossible !

A few days earlier, Stan and his wife Francine, a 50-year-old couple, had discovered the incredible powers of the medallion of Ishtar. In turn, each had fun transforming the other into one of his fantasies. But Stan ended up getting too involved in the game. One evening, while Francine refused to play, preferring to spend a quiet evening reading a book, her husband couldn't bear the frustration. It was by force that he passed the medallion around Francine's neck. When his wife turned into the blonde hot babe he imagined, he thought he won. But she violently repulsed him.

- I formulated the fantasy "horny hot babe" ... you ... you should want to fuck me !!!
- Oh, but the spell worked, I'm horny, trust me ! said Francine pressing her hand against her crotch, but I AM STILL MORE ANGRY AFTER YOU! Shit, do you realize that imposing on me is like rape ?! Believe me, when the spell will be lifted, you'll never see me again Stan!