samedi 11 février 2017

Like the first we met

Richard, 45, was about to join the conjugal bed when he discovered in it a 17-year-old girl wearing only his shirt.

"A ... Agathe ?!"

He immediately recognized his wife. Since she discovered she was age-shifter, her sexual appetite had multiplied tenfold as never before. And she competed every night with ingenuity so that Richard would fuck her savagely. Her strategy today?

"You remember I was that age when we met for the first time, it took you four more years to get to bed with me, so you never saw me naked at that age"

Richard found his wife seductive in this form. But...

"A ... a teenager. Agathe, our daughter is the same age!
- I understand that the adult is embarrassed but ... let the teen talk "

Agathe rejuvenates her husband so that he rejoins her as a teenager. His hormones in turmoil, Richard had great difficulty resisting her wife's charms.

vendredi 10 février 2017


If Mathilde didn't succeed in seducing Alex, his co-worker, it was just because her ungrateful physique. She was convinced of it. She then concocted a plan to change things. It consisted of trapping her neighbor, the beautiful but naïve Anaïs to lend her magnificent body to herfor a few days.

Everything seemed to work perfectly!

Convincing Anaïs was easy for Mathilde, an excellent manipulator. Then, Mathilde seduced Alex and managed to date him. Yet, only a week after the beginning of their relationship, he decided to tackle her, tired of her bitchiness towards everyone. And to show her beautiful naked body did not change anything.

Mathilde then realized that the problem came not only from her physique but also from her attitude.

jeudi 9 février 2017

The poisonous old lady

In her neighbour's eyes, Gloria was a friendly old cookie lady, living alone in her little suburban pavilion. All were unaware that she was the infamous author of 30 murders between 1960 and 1990, never caught. Expert in chemistry, her specialty was poisoning.
As she grew older, and after a case where she was neraly captured, Gloria stood up. Yet the urge to murder was still present ...

Then, one day as she was working in her secret laboratory to make a poison that she would disseminate in her neighborhood for her last coup d'éclat, she had an accident. Product spilled over her. She collapsed to the ground with a terrible pain and thought her death had come. But the next day she awoke in great form.

Gloria opened her newspaper as usual. When she discovered the mayor's picture, which she hated for her arrogant smile, she was once again caught up in her desire for murder. She felt a burn over her body and realized with amazement that she was now ... a man in her forties. The mayor's exact reply. At that moment she discovered the side effect of her chemical: Gloria could now alter her appearance at will.

She took a week to test her power, activated by her desire to kill. Then another week to prepare her return of killer, under the guise of a girl with the face of angel. This time, no one would be able to stop him.

"Nobody will ever suspect this cute baby face. And if they will, I just have to change !"

mercredi 8 février 2017

The Good Shapeshifting Wife

Helene, like all her family, had the power to change her appearance at will. However, unlike her closed ones, she opted for a "normal appearance" : that of a girl a little chubby and quite somewhat. Helene thus wished to find true love, the one that would surpass mere physical attraction. And she had found him in the person of Loic.
Loic was a handsome man. And even though he lacked self-confidence, he had enormous qualities. It was only when Loïc made her marriage request that Helene revealed her gift to him. And again, he had accepted her for what she was, without asking her to change. It was even Helene who took the initiative to suggest to alter her appearance for their sexual games.

And today again, Helene expected to surprise her husband. Loïc had a new job in a company. Surrounded by macho colleagues, the latter tended to haze him. To silence them, Helene hoped to take advantage of a company party to land, under the guise of a splendid young woman, in the arms of her husband.

mardi 31 janvier 2017

Still in the family

"Nathan, can you come to my room please ?!"

Despite his headphones on his ears, the young man heard Cheryl's voice, his father's new girlfriend. He sighed and then shouted back:

"What's the matter ?!"
"Come on, I tell you, I need help!"

After turning off the music of his PC and cutting off his video game, Nathan walked without hurrying to his father's room. He opened the door and, without concealing his annoyance in his voice, asked:

"What the hell happened to you-- OH SHIT !!!"

Nathan panicked as she discovered on the bed a half-naked young woman whom he recognized quite easily.

"Che ... Cheryl ?!"
"Yes ... it's me," she admitted, embarrassed.
"What the hell are you ... what the... !"
"I bought this new medication that allows you to temporarily rejuvenate, you know, to surprise your father, but this idiot just told me he missed his plane and will not come back until tomorrow night! The serum will be dissipated by then! "
"I ... I understand," Nathan said, doing his best not to look at the beautiful body that his father's girlfriend was now wearing.
"The problem is that ... the drug has a side effect, and on the box it speaks of a very strong aphrodisiac effect. Normally it should not be a problem since I had to see your father but there. .. "

She bit her lip, unable to finish her sentence.

"What ... what ?!"
"I have a fucking desire to fuck !" she said as she stood up, "this thing is really strong, I can not think of anything else than sex ! I tried with a dildo but it's not enought ! I need someone to penetrate me NOW !'

Cheryl approached her beautiful son, who at last understood what she expected of him.

"No, I mean ... you're my dad's girlfriend, I ... We can not do that!"
"Nathan, I'm going to go crazy if you do not fuck me ! So decide, either I do it with you and ... it's still in the family. Or I bang the first guy I meet in the street! "

lundi 30 janvier 2017

Excitation then regret

Daniel opened his eyes and contemplated with sighing the beautiful young woman asleep at his side.

"How could I do that?" He wondered inwardly.

It had been almost two years since Louisa, his wife, died from cancer. And, for a few days, Daniel was staying with Karen, his mother-in-law, so she could enjoy her grandson.
But the night before, just after they had slept the little boy, Youth Day happened. Daniel and Karen instantly rejuvenated. And the young widower gasped when he discovered the appearance of his mother-in-law at the age of 20.

"It's true ... you've never seen me like this before. She looked very much like me, did not she?"

That was little to say. Karen and her daughter, Louisa, were almost twins at the same age. A resemblance which the wrinkles and the fat had hitherto concealed in the eyes of Daniel.
Yet, apart from a little embarrassment, nothing happened at first. Karen went to change to put on more suitable clothes with her new body, and then rejoined Daniel.
For several minutes, they tried to watch the movie on TV. But each felt terribly horny towards each other. They tried to chase away their thoughts: she was her stepmother and, him, the widower of her daughter. But the transformation had multiplied their sexual appetite, and finally they threw themselves on each other, letting their animal instincts express themselves as they licked, rubbed and caressed each other.

Yet, now that their desires were satisfied, there was only regrets ... even though Daniel could not help finding his mother very attractive in this form.

dimanche 8 janvier 2017

It's youth day !!!

When Annie awoke and realized that her hair had become long and naturally brown again, she felt immediately ecstatic, understanding what was going on.
She turned to Frank, her husband, who had once again become the light-brown, athletic young man she married and shook him in every way.

"Frank ! Frank ! Wake up ! Today is a Youth Day"

But as usual, even rejuvenated, her husband struggled to emerge and contented himself with groaning.
After a mischievous smile, Annie slipped back into the comforter and gently passed her hands under her husband's underwear. It took little time for Frank to wake up immediately after his penis, horny to jump on his lovely wife who was just waiting for that.